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GetCache key/value store

GetCache is a distributed in-memory cache that supports data sharding on multiple instances and data replication.
GetCache operates as an in-memory key/value store and offers very fast read and write performance.
GetCache is developed with .Net 4.5 and it's very simple to manage and it's very easy to adopt in your applications.

Main features

Store any type of data

GetCache stores any type of data, objects can be serialized using JSON or XML, row object like images or videos can be stored as byte arrays.

Distribute the load of memory

GetCache supports data sharding on multiple node instances. This allows you to distribute the load of memory used on many servers.

Replicate data for high-availability

GetCache supports replication of data across multiple instances to allow data to be retrieved in high availability.

Simple cluster configuration

Instance nodes can be added and removed to the cluster without causing service interruptions.

Data expiration

The storage provides an auto expiration mechanism which is useful to handle cache data.


Very high performance for storing and retrieving objects.


Server API for automatic data loading.

Run on Windows

Server run on Windows 7 or greater. Server installation and configuration is very simple.

.Net API

Client API for .Net developers.
Coming soon API for Java and other languages.